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Chobi Zeiglar Rectangle Veg Dyed Ghazni Hand Knotted Wool Carpet (6.5 x 4.11)'

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Exclusive Rare

Vegetable Dyed GhazniChobi Zeigler Mahal Oushak

Hand Knotted Rug Carpet

100% Genuine Hand Knotted Afghan Rug

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Design:Chobi Zeiglar
Material: Vegetable Dyed Hand Spun Ghazni Wool
Size:6.5x4.11 ft(197x151 cm)
Shape: Rectangle
Colour: Refer to Image
Pile:Low Pile
Code: FB-2080

Origin: Pak Afghan

(Pronounced Choe-bee)

Chobi rugs are traditionally from the border region of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The word "chobi" itself is Farsi for "color like wood." Our Chobis tend to have large geometric floral patterns and they are all handknotted ofhand spun vegetable dyed ghazniwool. The dyes are made entirely from hand gathered fruits, vegetables, roots, tree barks and dried fruit shells, making Chobis the most labor-intensive of all of our tribal carpets.
Natural Dye Chobis are renowned for their lanolin-rich luster and stunning natural coloring. Their colors range from soft muted tans and browns to rich coppers, deep maroons, and sage greens. Our natural dyeing techniques have been refined over the years to ensure a natural dye that is steadfast and long-lasting.

Close Up Pictures

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Rug View from Other Side

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Item Specifics
MPN Fb-2080
Color multi-color
Shape Rectangle
Brand ahmedani
Age 2000-now
Material vegetable dyed hand spun ghazni wool
Size 6.5' x 4.11'
Design Chobi Zeiglar
Product Feature 100% Genuine Hand Knotted-rug
Type Rug Carpet
Style Traditional - Persian/oriental
UPC 766166057554
Regional Design Afghan
Room Dining Room
Pile Low Pile
Quality High Quality
Pattern floral
Rug Type Area Rug

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